Strategy & Risk Management

Strategy + Risk Management

Are you feeling uncertain about how to establish risk management and strategic plans for your business? We collaborate with clients to determine your distinctive circumstances, aspirations, and opportunities. We’d love to help you plan your successful future.

Navigating strategic planning and risk management is a big task. We know it’s not easy. From ecological societal governance responsibilities to long term financial management and political intricacies, we recognise the challenges you face.

Our approach is straightforward yet effective. We work with you to construct strategic plans that not only set goals but also define measures of impact. Our process brings clarity, focus, adaptability, and accountability to your efforts.

Whether conducted alongside strategic planning or as a standalone process, our risk management assistance guides clients through uncertain terrain, safeguarding business interests. Effective risk management not only builds resilience but also enhances decision-making, contributing to the long-term sustainability and success of businesses.

We help our clients proactively protect against threats and grow opportunities. With our proven background in strategic planning and risk management, including collaborations with national and state boards, we bring valuable experience to the table.

Our goal is clear: to equip your business with robust risk management and strategic plans that move you towards a resilient and successful future.

Projects of Note

Berri Barmera Council

Stakeholder and community engagement for the development of Council’s inaugural Environmental Management and Sustainability Strategy (included school engagement

NaturePlay SA (NPSA)

Strategic Planning process and engagement with the NPSA Board

SA Arid Lands landscape Board

Risk Management and Planning process

Volunteering SA + NT

Stakeholder engagement and development of two (2) Strategic Plans over 5 years

Youth Hostel SA

Strategic Planning, engagement of stakeholders and development of Strategic Plan

National Centre for Invasive Species Solutions Board

Development of Strategic Plan and Risk Management Planning / matrix

SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board / Federal Government

Program Manager Strengthening Basins Community (SBC) Climate Change and Water Management across 11 councils along the River Murray

Water Sensitive SA

Strategic Planning and communications

Saint Martin’s School

Development of Strategic Plan

Pastoral Board of SA

Development of two (2) Strategic Plans


Thank you for such a great process and logical Strategic Plan. The Plan is both forward looking and practical.
(Murraylands and Riverland LGA)

Well done Leanne.  Just wanted to say that you did such a good job of managing that planning process, giving everyone a fair hearing PLUS finishing on time.  Not an easy task at all.
(Pastoral Board of SA)

Well done! It’s hard enough running risk management workshops in person – online takes a whole new level of skill!
(Centre for Invasive Species Solutions)