Our Policies

Strategic Matters is an ethical and responsible business. We adhere to various frameworks and guidelines. Our work is guided by principles in ethics, governance, environmental sustainability, climate responsibility, supply chains, equality and transparent decision making.

For a summary of our policies please see below:

Carbon Emissions

In 2013, Strategic Matters conducted a carbon footprint assessment, revealing that our emissions are well below the mandatory reporting thresholds set by the Commonwealth Government. We continue to make strides in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Climate Responsibility

At Strategic Matters we are dedicated to climate responsible actions. Our office, built with passive design principles, maximises energy efficiency. We have invested in a shared electric vehicle to minimise emissions and choose to purchase green power sources. Through education, active choices and ongoing improvement, we strive to set a sustainable example for a greener future for all people and life forms.

Environmental Stewardship

Strategic Matters’ Environmental Stewardship focuses on sustainable sourcing, waste reduction, and efficient use of resources to minimise environmental impact. Our company is committed to protecting natural habitats by avoiding harmful activities and engaging in conservation projects. Our policy ensures compliance with environmental legislation and promotes continuous improvement by setting measurable objectives (particularly relating to sustainable sourcing, energy consumption and waste) and regularly reviewing progress.

Modern Day Slavery

Strategic Matters is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, including a staunch stance against modern-day slavery. We recognise the gravity of this global issue and are dedicated to ensuring that our operations, supply chains, and business practices are free from any form of forced labour, human trafficking, or exploitation.

Risk Management

Strategic Matters’ Risk Management policy outlines our commitment to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with handling confidential and sensitive information, managing workload fluctuations, and ensuring business continuity. It emphasises data security measures and addresses the substitution of business associates, compliance with data protection laws, and continuous improvement through regular reviews.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement Policy ensures open, transparent, and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, including clients, associates, entities, businesses, and community groups. We commit to inclusiveness, transparency, responsiveness, collaboration, and continuous improvement in our interactions. Regular communication, meetings, surveys, consultations, and partnerships are key methods we use. Strategic Matters leads, guides, and implements respectful engagement. We monitor, report, and review our efforts to maintain alignment with our corporate values and objectives.

Supply Chains

The Ethical Supply Chain Policy of Strategic Matters ensures that our business operations are conducted responsibly and ethically. Our commitment includes respecting human rights, ensuring fair labour standards, promoting environmental responsibility, and upholding integrity in business practices. Suppliers are observed for compliance and encouraged to continuously improve to maintain a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

Transparency and Accountability

This policy outlines Strategic Matters’ commitment to transparency by ensuring open communication, clear decision-making processes, and disclosure of relevant information. We uphold ethical standards, hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and continuously engage with stakeholders to foster trust and improve governance practices.