In today’s dynamic business environment, robust governance serves as the guiding force for strategic alignment, risk mitigation, and ethical conduct. Yet, understanding effective governance practices can often feel like chasing a moving target.

At Strategic Matters, we’re driven by an core belief in governance and its profound impact. With a wealth of experience in collaborating with boards and committees, we have expertise in conducting reviews, updating constitutions, crafting terms of reference and codes of conduct, and providing tailored governance training. We understand that governance is the backbone of any organisation, and we’re committed to helping you strengthen yours.

Our expertise encompasses aligning board activities with strategic objectives, optimising board (and or committee) composition, enhancing decision-making processes, and applying best-practice governance principles. We’re not just about delivering results; we’re dedicated to ensuring that you derive genuine value from our services while enjoying the journey.

While we’re not legal professionals, our experience and expertise enables us to offer a diverse range of services aimed at enhancing your governance practices.
Collaborate with us to strengthen your governance, navigate complex landscapes, and steer your organisation towards sustainable success.

We provide services across the following:

  • Governance Training
  • Constitution Reviews (please note: we are not lawyers)
  • Board and Committee Reviews
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
  • Accountability
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Our portfolio includes collaborations with trans-Tasman organisations, state governments, and alliance/association networks/committees.

Projects of Note

Botanic Gardens Australia + New Zealand

Governance Review, engagement and planning – including a review of the national committee structure.

Friends of Parks Inc

Governance Review – including Board + stakeholder engagement, a review of the committee structures and accountability and input to the  Constitutional review.

Leaders Institute of South Australia

Board planning and governance workshops

Plan International Australia

Development of Terms of Reference for State Committee

Drought Hub SA

Governance workshops – review, roles and responsibilities and accountability

Landcare Association of SA

A key author on the development of the Board’s Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct

 Local Government Association of South Australia

Award winning NRM Governance Statewide Project

Greater Adelaide Environment Network

Development of Terms of Reference / MoU, Code of Conduct

Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

Governance Review


Key author of the development Terms of Reference for the Consumer Advisory Committee

New Day Leadership

Governance Training

Marino Community Gardens

Governance Training


Thanks to Strategic Matters’ training, I’ve found a new appreciation for Governance—I find myself enthusiastic and wanting to learn more!
(New Day Leadership participant)

Strategic Matters continuously delivers exceptional results. Our governance review benefitted greatly from their expertise.(Friends of Park Inc)

Collaborating with Strategic Matters has transformed our board and committee review—making it not only straightforward and easy but genuinely enjoyable.
(Botanic Gardens of Australia + New Zealand Inc)