About Strategic Matters

Shifting our thinking… are you ready?

The best chance of success in the decade ahead will require a new mindset – one that is open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and an even greater commitment to working collaboratively.  At Strategic Matters we think differently and authentically about your needs and what is possible.

With over two decades of diverse project expertise, we specialise in stakeholder management, strategic planning, governance and accountability and clear communication.

Our experience is extensive and includes work across team dynamics and leadership, governance + accountability, liveable cities + urban planning, climate change + energy, water + conservation, and sustainable business strategies + planning.

Leading with intent

We know that embracing collaboration fosters a culture of mutual support and shared achievements, essential for thriving in dynamic markets.

And we understand that authentic and participatory leadership is required for long term success. Because when people feel safe and are working together equally, they take the risks needed to create strategic advantages, impact and prosperity into the longer term. 

… So, our processes actively encourage and support people to become effective, generous and responsible leaders. 

Transparency and clear communication are non-negotiables for us.


Ethics + Sustainability at our core

We know that consumers are demanding engagement, transparency and goods and services that are sustainable.

Together with our business associates, we offer a wealth of knowledge backed by qualifications in system thinking, supply chains, ethics, sustainability, and Environmental, Social + Governance (ESG).

Strategic Matters is an early adopter of carbon accounting undertaking our own analysis in 2013, highlighting that our emissions fall below the national average for similar sized businesses. Despite being small in scale, our commitment to environmental responsibility remains unwavering.


“The Science Review provided valuable insights and actionable recommendations across five Focal Areas. A great scaffold for our division.”
University of South Australia

“Your unwavering commitment to deliver great value and foster a positive culture in our leadership endeavours is truly appreciated”
Country Fire Services SA

“Collaborating with Strategic Matters has transformed our board and committee review—making it not only straightforward and easy but genuinely enjoyable.” Botanic Gardens Australia + New Zealand (BGANZ)