Strategic Matters

We create collaborative outcomes across strategy, governance and engagement, through the lens of ethical and sustainable practice.

At Strategic Matters we share your ambitions of leaving the system better than we found it.

Do you aspire to create a lasting positive impact?

Do you want to enhance your strategy, engagement and governance?

Do you wish to drive responsible and collaborative business growth?

Welcome to Strategic Matters.
We are an award-winning consultancy dedicated to client collaboration, participatory leadership, strategy, and practical solutions for  lasting change.

Our expertise spans over two decades, encompassing a diverse range of projects.

We specialise in
• Strategic assessments to co-create outcomes. • Practical tools to engage with your communities of interest • Governance knowledge to set up your projects for success • Empowering our clients to become effective and responsible leaders

We measure success through:

  • Collaborative Stakeholder Relationships: Building strong, cooperative partnerships.
  • Impactful Strategies: Developing and implementing strategies that drive meaningful results.
  • Transparent Governance: Ensuring clarity and accountability across your business.
  • Exceptional Performance: Achieving excellence in team and leadership outcomes.
  • Insightful Feedback: Providing thoughtful, courageous feedback and guidance.
  • Process Transparency: Maintaining transparency at every stage of our operations.
  • Ethical Practices: Upholding the highest standards of ethics in everything we do.

Our commitment to optimism, clarity and resolve runs through every aspect of our work.  We look forward to working with you.

Stakeholder Engagement

From grassroots initiatives to the political arena, stakeholder engagement is at the heart of all we do. Motivated by impact, we thrive on the challenges and dynamics of each project.
Our non negotiables include principles of inclusiveness, transparency, responsiveness, and continuous improvement.
Collaborate with us to make a difference.

Strategic Planning + Risk Management

Work with us to collectively navigate your planning and risk complexities and achieve your goals.
With extensive experience in strategic planning, risk management, we understand the challenges involved.
That’s why we work closely with you to develop tailored processes for your entity.

Governance, Board + Committee work

We believe in the power of good governance, focusing on accountability and responsibility.
Our services include conducting reviews, updating constitutions, crafting terms of reference and codes of conduct, and providing tailored governance training.
Governance is the backbone of any organisation, and we are dedicated to strengthening yours.

Leadership + Coaching

With over a decade of expertise in leadership development, our tailored opportunities are designed to empower individuals on their leadership journey.
Our coaching and leadership is akin to having a trusted ally in your corner – confidential, thought-provoking, and dedicated to  your development. Our coaching adheres to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.
Ready to unlock your full potential?

Monitoring & Evaluation

Transforming M+E into impactful practice, we specialise in clear, effective solutions tailored to your needs. Our approach integrates program logic with rigorous research, to provide you with clear insights.
With expertise at national, state, and local levels, we bring realistic metrics to assess outcomes.
Discover how we can enhance your projects.

Implementing Sustainability + Ethics


With qualifications and experience in systems thinking, sustainability, and Environmental, Social + Governance (ESG), we offer over two decades of expertise in sustainability and natural resource management.
Committed to continuous improvement, we align our practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to foster impactful change.

About Us

Strategic Matters, an SME based in South Australia, creates innovative and personalised solutions for our clients. Located on Peramangk Country in the scenic Adelaide Hills, we embrace a collaborative and impactful approach, and enjoy what we do – because we believe that work should not deplete us.

We collaborate with other SMEs to create meaningful collective impact. Our network includes professionals specialising in leadership, strategy, monitoring and evaluation, and governance.

Leanne Muffet is the founder and Managing Director of Strategic Matters.
Drawing from extensive experience spanning government, international urban planning, academia, and high-level national and state policy advisory roles, Leanne brings a distinctive perspective to the table.
Leanne’s approach is centred on empowering individuals and refining processes to achieve practical and deliberate results.


The LGA NRM Governance project undertaken by Strategic Matters is an exemplar of how governance and engagement can be utilised to drive successful Natural Resource Management outcomes across a state.
SA Planning Institute of Australia
The emphasis on collaborative leadership across Strategic Matters' sessions has reshaped the way I approach team dynamics and productivity.
Department for Innovation and Skills
Just great working with you Leanne. I love your professionalism, enthusiasm, and commitment to the process. I know anything that we throw your way will get resolved collaboratively.
Liveable Cities National Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Matters offers services in strategic risk management + planning,  communication management + tools for engaging with communities of interest (internal and or external), Governance (establishment of boards, committees, Terms of Reference), and guiding clients to become effective, responsible and impactful leaders.

Expect close collaboration with Strategic Matters. We dedicate time to understand your needs, goals, and challenges. We are genuine about ensuring transparency of process. Your input guides decision-making throughout our time working with you.

Strategic Matters works with a diverse range of clients, including businesses, boards, government organisations, non-profits, and other entities seeking to drive responsible positive change both in the workplace and more broadly.

Strategic Matters regular collaborates with other SMEs to create meaningful collective impact. Our network includes professionals specialising in leadership, strategy, monitoring and evaluation, and governance. Our track record in the space includes work with Federal and State Government Departments and agencies, Peak Bodies, Associations and Boards.

  1. Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Commendation: Recognised for work in governance, engagement, and the environmental space.

  2. International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Commendation: Awarded for or ongoing contributions to transparent public participation.

  3. Founder’s Awards: Leanne, our founder, has received two additional PIA awards for managing other projects during her previous employment.

  4. State and Federal Awards: Our work often constitutes part of submissions to state and/or federal awards, reflecting the quality and impact of our projects.

Strategic Matters takes client confidentiality and data security seriously. We adhere to strict privacy protocols and implement robust measures to safeguard sensitive information throughout and beyond our work with you.

Strategic Matters is based in South Australia, on Peramangk Country in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

As an early adopter of carbon accounting, we conducted our analysis in 2013, revealing that our emissions fall below the national average for businesses of similar size. Despite our small scale, our dedication to environmental responsibility remains steadfast. We continuously seek innovative ways to further reduce our carbon footprint and remain committed to our sustainability goals.

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