Leadership & Coaching

Leadership + Coaching

Are you seeking assistance in elevating your team management skills to enhance your influence? Do you aspire to refine your leadership capabilities, improving communication, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and team cohesion? We’ve love to work with you…

Welcome to the intersection of Leadership and Coaching at Strategic Matters! With over a decade of expertise in leadership development, our experience includes:

  • Chairing National and State Boards and Committees
  • Ministerial Appointments
  • Leading national policy formulation
  • Director of a State $12million program
  • Managing 11 councils to across a joint funding program
  • Working with the Deputy Prime Minister’s office

Leadership and Team Development

From immersive two to three-day training retreats catering to large groups, including executives and senior management, to personalised small group sessions and one-on-one coaching, our offerings are adaptable to diverse needs.

Our leadership focus is finely honed, encompassing vital elements such as self-awareness, effective communication, decision-making strategies, team dynamics, conflict resolution, delegation, time management, and resilience. Key themes / subject matters include: adaptive leadership, resilience and wellbeing, emotional intelligence, collaborative leadership, head + heart, ethical leadership and authenticity.

Tailored Coaching

Whether you’re leading from the front or the side, or collaborating within a team, our approach equips you with the skills and mindset for impactful leadership.

At Strategic Matters, our Coaching is akin to having a trusted ally in your corner—confidential, thought-provoking, and dedicated to helping you achieve your personal, professional, or business objectives. Our coaching sessions utilise tools such as brainstorming, goal setting, and accountability within a psychologically safe and supportive environment.

We apply the highest standards of ethical conduct, adhering to the guidelines set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.

Projects of Note

Country Fire Services (CFS)

Leadership and Change manager process over 18 months

Department for Innovation and Skills

Leadership, Change Management and Action Planning over 15 months

Department for Environment and Water

Leadership and Change Management practices and forums over 2 years

NewDay Leadership

Leadership and Governance, Roles + Responsibilities and, accountability

Women’s + Children’s Hospital Foundation

Leadership, Team building, norms and accountability

Department of Treasury and Finance

Coaching of Executive Director and Directors for 4 years

Global Centre for Modern Ageing

Coaching of Manager for 9 months

South Australian Certification of Education (SACE) Board

Coaching 2.5 years

Department for Environment and Water

Coaching Executive Director and Directors for 3 years

Sovereign Hill

Coaching Executive Director


Your unwavering commitment to deliver great value and foster a positive culture in our leadership endeavours is truly appreciated

(Country Fire Services SA)

Your coaching afforded me invaluable time for clarity, self-awareness, and self-discovery. I am incredibly grateful for the insights gained.

(Coachee – Global Centre for Modern Ageing)

The emphasis on collaborative leadership across the sessions has reshaped the way I approach team dynamics and productivity

(Department for Innovation and Skills)