Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring + Evaluation

Are you grappling with the complexities of defining and measuring monitoring and evaluation (M+E)? Struggling to pinpoint the most relevant indicators for your project or program? We’d love to assist you.

At Strategic Matters, we transform M+E from a mere concept into a strategic advantage, facilitating continuous improvement for your business. Collaborating closely with our trusted business associates, we specialise in cutting through the noise surrounding M+E.

Drawing upon our broad experience with national, state, and local projects, we go beyond mere discussion—we deliver tangible results.

Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of your project, whether you require a comprehensive overview or an in-depth analysis of specific processes.

We invest time in understanding your measurement needs and objectives and bring your key stakeholders on board too.

Our methodology integrates qualitative and quantitative research. Examples include data analysis, surveys, interviews, and case studies.

We don’t just evaluate; we strive to gain a thorough understanding of project success and establishing metrics that realistically assess both outcomes and outputs.

With Strategic Matters’ M+E solutions, you can assess progress and impact while identifying key areas for enhancement

Projects of Note

Horticulture Innovation Australia

Part of the M+E team on two (2) national agricultural M+E projects over four (4) years. Projects focused on National Tree cropping, and Pollination in protected crops

University of South Australia

Science Review (Division of IT, Engineering and the Environment)

University of Adelaide

Review of Masters of Business Administration


Annual review of Consumer Advisory Committee Panel

Uniting Communities

Review workshops on the affordability of water for renters

Horitculture Innovation Australia

Monitoring + Evaluation of a national RegTech project that aims to streamline certification practices throughout the horticultural sector

Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board

Evaluation of 24 programs for process, outcomes, efficiency and effectiveness

SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board / Federal Government

Program Review of the 2.5 year SA Strengthening Basins Community (SBC) Climate Change and Water Management across 11 councils along the River Murray

Landcare Association of SA (LASA)

Evaluation of the South Australian State Landcare conference over six years


The Science Review provided valuable insights and actionable recommendations across five focal areas. A great scaffold for our division.
(University of SA)

Leanne and team’s efforts on reporting the SBC project are commendable, contributing significantly to our understanding of climate change.
(Deputy Secretary, Federal Government Climate Change + Environment)

The M+E’s team exceeded expectations in the delivery of the Monitoring and Evaluation Report. We will be using it as a template for future work across Australia.
(Hort Innovation Australia)