What we do

We know how to work and plan with, and motivate and influence people.

As a value-add, we will build your capacity to achieve positive change after Strategic Matters’ engagement has been completed.

We can assist you with:

FACILITATION: A process designed to help a group of people to reach (and action) their own decisions

From Future Perfect Thinking, to ‘Results Based Accountability’, deliberative inquiry, conversation cafes and evaluation, we tailor processes designed to articulate a way forward.  Our work is grounded in a deep understanding of how to partner effectively and obtain agreement on process.
Strategic Matters specialises in using processes that are highly participatory and clarifying.
We assist with defining project boundaries, exploring behaviours and creating practises that are clear, and allow you to influence. We work with clients to design processes that will effectively engage with your stakeholders and support the outcomes we have helped you to identify.


STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANNING: Identifying the Vision, the goals to be achieved, the strategies to be engaged, and the actions required to implement and manage that vision.

Strategic Matters works with you to plan for the future.  We know how to imagine what your idea will look like at some future time and how to plot a course to achieve this.
Our strategic and business planning supports you to critically examine where you are now, where you want to be and how you will get there.  Our processes and practices are tried and tested.


LEADERSHIP & TEAM DEVELOPMENT: A disciplined approach to motivate a group of people to work towards a common purpose

Because business is a dynamic process, organisations need to constantly refine their internal systems.  Our work is grounded in Adaptive Leadership, a philosophy that we have been applying for more than 10 years.
Strategic Matters’ tools and training encompass values, mindfulness, accountability, active listening skills and analytics to get your team working well.


GOVERNANCE: System of rules, practices and processes that direct a business or project

Strategic Matters works to enhance your corporate governance.  We assist you in understanding your sphere of influence, improving institutional arrangements, motivating more effectively, and directing your desired outcomes and processes. We support and apply the OECD principles of metropolitan governance.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT & EVALUATION: Effectively planning, developing, directing, connecting and delivering a project

Our effective project management techniques apply knowledge, skills, tools and methods to project activities to ensure deadlines are met and competing demands of scope, time, cost, risk and quality are managed.
Our work is grounded in evaluation that underpins continuous improvement through ANALYSIS and refinement.


COMPERING & PRESENTATIONS: Compering: Compering refers to the ability to host a live event, keeping it on track, in a timely fashion and with all protocols adhered to.

Strategic Matters is experienced in compering, presenting and group training. Staff from Strategic Matters have been lecturing, presenting, training and hosting meetings and events for 20 years.